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How Can I Reinstate My Safari Home Page?

All of a sudden when I open Safari it comes up with the following

Safari can’t find server
Safari can’t open the page “homepage” because Safari can’t find the server ‘homepage”

Can you please suggest how I can fix this
With thanks

Carolyn Field

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    2 years ago

    Check Safari, Preferences, General. Look at your Homepage field. What do you see in there? Perhaps try entering a URL there, starting with http. Or, go to a page you wish to set as your homepage first, and then return to General settings and use the Set to Current Page button.

    carolyn field
    2 years ago

    Hi Gary
    All fixed now – it is so so good to have this site not only to keep up to date with all things Mac but also like this when it comes to fixing a problem. Couldn’t be more grateful.

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