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How Can I Reinstate My Safari Home Page?

All of a sudden when I open Safari it comes up with the following

Safari can’t find server
Safari can’t open the page “homepage” because Safari can’t find the server ‘homepage”

Can you please suggest how I can fix this
With thanks

Carolyn Field

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    11 months ago

    Check Safari, Preferences, General. Look at your Homepage field. What do you see in there? Perhaps try entering a URL there, starting with http. Or, go to a page you wish to set as your homepage first, and then return to General settings and use the Set to Current Page button.

    carolyn field
    11 months ago

    Hi Gary
    All fixed now – it is so so good to have this site not only to keep up to date with all things Mac but also like this when it comes to fixing a problem. Couldn’t be more grateful.

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