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How Can I Remotely Control Keynote From Multiple Devices?

I am used to giving a Keynote presentation from my Mac where I can see all three, current slide, next slide and notes. Tonight I have to present remotely. But Remote only allows me to see 2 of those 3 at a time, either current slide and next slide (in landscape mode) or current slide and notes (in portrait mode). Is there a way to remote from two devices at once so I can se all three items at once between them?

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    11 years ago

    No, there's no way to do that.
    But there are other solutions.
    If your Mac is located in another room, then you can always use another Mac and screen sharing between them to control the presentation Mac with the Mac at hand.
    You can also use AirPlay to send the presentation to an Apple TV. So the Apple TV can be with the projector (HDMI to projector) and you run the presentation on your Mac hooked up to the same wifi network.
    The first one is a simpler solution if you have a second Mac available.

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