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How Can I Reverse a JPG and Print It Out?

I need to get reverse images printed out. I found that I can reverse them in Preview, but when I try save in iPhoto or print directly, the jpgs revert to the original direction. Is it possible to save and print photos in reverse without getting a new application. If an app is needed, what would be good (and free or cheap)?
Using a MacBook Pro Lion at 10.5.8 (NOTE that I’m kind of old–both me and my Mac ;–> )

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    7 years ago

    So, to be clear, it sounds like you mean “flip” — not reverse — right? Hard to say what “reverse” might mean. It could mean “invert” so the photo looks like a negative. But you mention “direction” so I’ll go with “flip.”
    So when you flip an image in Preview of iPhoto, it doesn’t seem to alter the image. It just marks the image as one that should be displayed flipped. But then when you go to print, it seems to ignore that marking, sometimes. Does the same with rotations.
    But in my tests, I was able to get it to work. I opened an image in Preview. Then chose Tools, Flip Horizontal. Then File, Print. Then it prints flipped.
    But if I save the file, and then open it again and print. It won’t work. So give that a try.
    I was actually able to save it as a flipped image from Preview by using File, Export and then turning off “Rotate without modifying contents” in the Save dialog box.

    7 years ago

    Thanks a lot for your quick reply, Gary. Somehow it changed my luck. Although I couldn’t yesterday, today I could print a horizontally flipped image in Preview, as you stated. Then, I used File, Grab, Select, Copy, and then pasted it into TextEdit to save it, and that printed in the reverse. I don’t seem to have Export in Preview. (FYI, I want the reverse image in order to use it to etch metal.)

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    7 years ago

    Yes in Preview if you Flip it horizontal it turns it the opposite way,and you should be able to print it out.
    It`s the same in Photoshop if you click on horizontal it turns it the opposite way.
    Also if a picture or document is too short width ways you can switch it to landscape mode,and then when you put it in the printer the normal way. The printer detects the landscape mode. Past that you would have to buy an A3 printer.

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