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How Can I Send and Receive Text Messages With My iPad?

Can you tell me when can we text android text messages with the iPad or if this will ever happen. I know I can with my iMac computer. Thanks
Tim Sehn

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    9 months ago

    So if you can with your Mac, then you can with your iPad. Both have to go through your iPhone to do it. On your iPhone (not iPad) you have to go to Settings, Messages, Text Message Forwarding, and enable it for your iPad in the list.

    Diana Alm
    8 months ago

    I could not find “text message forwarding” on my iPhone. I’m using iOS 14.0.1.

    8 months ago

    Diana: Make sure you are looking in the right place (Settings, Messages, Text Message Forwarding) and also that you are signed into iCloud and have Messages turned on in iCloud settings. You may also need to have at least one other device signed into the same iCloud account with Messages enabled for that same account, otherwise there would be nothing to show in the settings list for this.

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