Forum Question: How Can I Share an iPad Screen Over the Internet?

I wish Facetime had a screen share feature. Since it does not, how can I share my iPad 2 screen over the web?
I need to do a live demonstration for someone in a remote city. It’s fine if the audio goes by phone, and they don’t have to see my face so video broadcasting isn’t required, but they do need to see my iPad screen.
In the demo they tell me certain information which I input into a specific iPad app to analyze with them. What-if scenariOS are a big part of it, and this is very interactive so they need to see my iPad screen somehow.
Does anyone have an idea how I can share an iPad screen over the Internet?

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    6/13/12 @ 1:52 pm

    The only idea I have is to use AirPlay from the iPad to your Mac. Enable your Mac as an AirPlay receiver by getting AirServer ( Then share your Mac’s screen with iChat or some similar screen sharing service. It would help if that service allowed you to shrink the shared area to only the space showing your iPad.

    6/14/12 @ 5:33 pm

    Thank you, Gary.

    As I searched for an answer for myself, I came across which does what AirPlay does. I like the frame Reflection puts around the iPad screen a LOT, but I’ll probably go with Airplay because I get 5 seats for the same price Reflection gives 1.

    Then I noticed an ad on your site for and I clicked it. allows me to share a Macbook Pro screen (or a Windows screen if I need) over the Internet with up to 250 people. That seemed just like what I needed so I signed up for a account.

    So now I can show my iPad screen on my Mac (thanks to Airplay), and share that Mac screen over the Internet (thanks to

    So between you and one of your sponsors, my problem is solved! Thanks again. :-)


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