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How Can I Spend Less Time Cleaning Up Files?

I have tons of files on my computer. Every so often I begin cleanup. I open finder and start in the beginning of a folder. I hit the space bar to see what the file is. I then close it, right click on the same document and move my cursor down to “Move to Trash.”

Rinse and Repeat.

Is there a way to delete the file when I open it? I thought I remembered being able to use the delete key, but it doesn’t seem to work (or my memory doesn’t work). I could open a few documents at a time.

Also, is there a way to search for copies? Can I search for files that end with -n. where n is a number?

It’s good to clear up space on the hard drive. Throwing old files away is good for the soul. I would like to do it more quickly.
Rick Grossman

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    2 years ago

    First, instead of using Quick Look to preview the file, just have the Finder window preview turned on. That's in View, Show Preview. Then you get the preview automatically on the right. I find it works best in Column view, but any view supports it.

    So then you can see what the file is, and press Command+Delete to move it to the trash. Then continue to look with the down arrow through your files in that folder.

    If you are in Column view you can use the right arrow to go down into subfolders and the left arrow to go back up. So you can really quickly look through all of the files and folders in a folder with some key presses.

    Searching for duplicates of a file isn't easy to do. Hopefully you don't have many of those. If you do, try to figure out why you are creating duplicates and try to improve that behavior.

    David A.
    2 years ago

    What's wrong with Duplicate Detective? Fiplab is the developer, and you can buy it directly from their website. The one-time purchase price is $4.99 and they offer a free trial. I agree about getting to the root of the problem, but in the meantime this is a good solution.

    Rick Grossman
    2 years ago

    Thanks, Gary. In a bit on to Evernote and Photos. I'm putting a virtual dumpster in the other room.

    2 years ago

    Just use software respectively for windows and mac. If you have mac then use mac uninstaller.

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