Forum Question: How Can I Split a Long MP3 Into a Few Seperate Tracks On Garageband?

I have Dj mix track thats 40min long but want to split it up into individual tracks so I can skip thru it. Can I do it on garageband.

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    1/28/12 @ 10:16 am

    So you want to break up the long audio recording into tracks, say one for each song?
    You can do this in GarageBand, sure. The idea would be to bring the entire thing into GarageBand. Then there are many ways you can proceed. For instance, you can simply delete the portion before and the portion after a song, then move the remaining portion to the 0:00 time. Then export. Then undo undo undo until everything is back. Then repeat for the next track.
    If you like, you can split the one long track into sections first to make it easier. So you have 10 sections or however many. Then you delete 2-10 and export 1. Undo undo. Then delete 1 and 3-10, move 2 to time 0:00 and export. Undo undo undo. Etc.
    You can do the same basic thing in any audio editing program, like Audacity or even QuickTime Player (for Lion).

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