Forum Question: How Can I Start an Audio Track On a Specific Slide In Keynote?

I am creating a photo slideshow in Keynote and have added an audio track to play throughout the slide show. The audio starts from the 1st slide. How can I start the audio track on a specific slide.
Secondly I have a video clip included in the slide show as well. How can I mute the audio track for the duration of the video clip. I am aware that this can be done in Imovie but I am using Keynote for some specific features.

Thank you

Dinesh Taylor

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    7/18/18 @ 7:19 am

    Audio is either for the entire presentation, or for a single slide. I assume from your comment that you are presenting live in front of an audience, not recording, which is why you don’t want to use iMovie to place the music.

    One option is to simply have multiple presentations and then switch between them at the appropriate time. Another is to put the music on one slide and use builds to present different things during that slide.

    Or, you could just play the music in another app like iTunes or QuickTime Player. So when you want the music to start, just press Play in that app.

    To mute the audio of a video, just select it, go to Format in the left sidebar and then Movie. Then drag the volume slider all the way to the left.

    Dinesh Taylor
    7/18/18 @ 8:12 pm

    Gary thanks for your prompt response. Basically its a photo slideshow which I plan to convert to mp4. The reason I was using Keynote is because from my perspective it gives me more functionality for creating titles and transitions then iMovie. I will create multiple mp4s using Keynote and add music in iMovie and create one mp4.Thanks for your suggestions.

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