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How Can I Tell If My Lightning Cable Is Good?

I have a lightning cable that charges my iPhone fine, but my iPad shows a message, ‘Not Charging’ using the same cable. Is the cable bad, or are one of my charging ports malfunctioning?
Jack Weibel

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    10 months ago

    I would more suspect the power source at the other end. The only way to figure it out is to test. Can you try with the same power source and a different cable? The same cable and a different power source. Use your powers of deduction to figure out which is the culprit.

    10 months ago

    Yes, do substitutions as Gary suggests, you’ll quickly narrow it down.

    Having said that:

    In my experience, those cables are little more than flimsy trinkets to say the least. I’ve found that minimizing all possible bending/pulling greatly extends their life; especially out near the ends. I for one keep a spare on hand. (I have family members who continuously yank/traumatize theirs, & are out buying new cables every couple of months of less… ugh.)

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