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How Can I Tell If My Lightning Cable Is Good?

I have a lightning cable that charges my iPhone fine, but my iPad shows a message, ‘Not Charging’ using the same cable. Is the cable bad, or are one of my charging ports malfunctioning?
Jack Weibel

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    5 years ago

    I would more suspect the power source at the other end. The only way to figure it out is to test. Can you try with the same power source and a different cable? The same cable and a different power source. Use your powers of deduction to figure out which is the culprit.

    5 years ago

    Yes, do substitutions as Gary suggests, you'll quickly narrow it down.

    Having said that:

    In my experience, those cables are little more than flimsy trinkets to say the least. I've found that minimizing all possible bending/pulling greatly extends their life; especially out near the ends. I for one keep a spare on hand. (I have family members who continuously yank/traumatize theirs, & are out buying new cables every couple of months of less... ugh.)

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