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How Can I Transfer Text Messages From Old iPhones To an Already Activated 6s?

When i upgraded to my current iPhone 6s, the sales assistant imported only my contacts from my previous 5s. I didn’t think much more about it until some months later when i tried to find a way to import my sms text messages and iMessages from the 5s to the 6s.

I’ve researched Apple forums and read your answer to “How Do I Transfer Messages To a New iPhone?” from September 2016 which outlines the Backup and Restore process used to migrate all legacy apps and content across to the new phone at the time of ACTIVATION.

Unfortunately, this scenario doesn’t apply in my case.
What are my options as i don’t want to wipe all existing Messages on the 6s to just to bring in the 5s Messages?

Are there any 3rd party apps that you could recommend?

Many thanks Gary for any assistance with this

Adrian Payne

Comments: 2 Responses to “How Can I Transfer Text Messages From Old iPhones To an Already Activated 6s?”

    4 years ago

    Well, if it is some months later, I would simply forget about it and move on. Seriously. Because I can’t think of any way to do it without major downsides. You could backup the old 5s to iTunes, then restore the 6s to that backup, but you would lose everything you have done in the last few months.
    What is the downside of just forgetting about old SMS messages? If you have some that are very important, just look at them on your old 5s now and take notes.

    Adrian Payne
    4 years ago

    Sentiment and nostalgia are driving this. I’ve spent way too much time searching for a solution and thankfully you’ve provided one. Time to move on!

    Although i can’t help but wonder why Apple haven’t developed a script to export Messages in xml or something similar…..anyway, I’m extremely grateful for your reply. Thank you Gary

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