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How Can I Trust Certain Extensions Like Dark Reader for Safari From App Store?

How can I be assured that the Extension Dark Reader for Safari 1.4.3 that can be downloaded from Apple App Store will not read sensitive information from webpages, including passwords, phone numbers, and credit cards? I downloaded it for $4.99+tax but have not opened it yet since I understand Extensions can be dangerous. Thank you for any assistance.

I need a reasonable reason of why this Extension is safe to use because my eyes need it to view webpages in dark mode. The brightness on my MacBook Air M1 is killing my eyes. Please help.

E Clapham

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    3 years ago

    I don't know anything about that extension. Read its privacy label and see what it says. When things are in the Mac App Store it means the developer is registered with Apple and Apple takes a basic look at the software before it is allowed in the store. that doesn't mean it is impossible for bad software to get through, but does make it unlikely. And if someone discovers that it does something nefarious, then Apple can remove it and the developer may find themselves in serious trouble.

    Do you have a reason to think there is an issue with this extension? The same things you are afraid of here can be said about any software. But at least this is downloaded from a trusted source.

    Looking at it in the App Store it has been around for 2 years, gets regular updates, and has plenty of reviews. Plus the privacy label says it collects no data. I don't see any red flags. All this does is probably change the CSS on web pages to make the background dark and text light.

    3 years ago

    It’s worth checking if the extension has an equivalent Firefox version and if it’s part of Firefox’s recommended extension program. They do some vetting of the extension before it’s featured in their recommended list.

    Elaine Clapham
    3 years ago

    Thank you for the rapid response. I didn’t know what a wealth of valuable information you have on your Q&A Forum. After looking around a bit I realized the answer was already there and more. I especially appreciate the related tutorials. Thank you for the honest answers.

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