Forum Question: How Can I Upload Photos To a MacBook Air 2013 W/o a USB Cable?

I cannot find the cable for the GE camera. I tried using a USB from another camera, but the GE camera jammed.
GE is replacing the camera, but not the cable. I have the memory card.

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    6/21/13 @ 7:47 am

    Good question, as it is very common to lose a camera cable. You’ve got two options.
    First, replace the cable. Now it may be that the cable was a unique type for that camera. In that case, you would have to order the specific cable, perhaps even from the manufacturer. Though you may still be able to find a replacement at a large online store like Amazon. Just search for the specific camera model and “cable” after that to see what comes up.
    But it is more likely that it is a standard USB cable of some type. There are a few different “mini” ends to USB cables that cameras use. So what you can do is to take your camera to a store and try to match it. Or, look very carefully at the shape of the USB jack in the camera and then look for a replacement online. Be careful, as some of the types are close to each other. But the are definitely distinct, so you can tell them apart if you look closely.
    A better option is to forget the cable completely. I’ve probably list all of my USB cables to all of my cameras — simply because I never use them! Instead, I use a USB camera card reader.
    These are cheap little devices that you plug into USB in your Mac. You take the card from your camera and plug that into the other end of the device. They run about $10 or $20.
    It is important that you get one that works with the type of card you have. So if you have an SD card, the most common, then get one that does that. Other types are MS, MMC, etc. Sometimes you can get more specific. If the card says “SDHD” then make sure the sales page for the card reader says it handles “SDHD,” etc.
    One big advantage to using a reader over using a cable is that they are usually faster, I find. And, if it is a SD card reader (pretty much the standard now) you can continue to use it with your next camera too.

      6/21/13 @ 9:11 am

      the memory card is labeled PNY Premium 4 G, S (cannot read next letter with a magnifier) HC.

        6/21/13 @ 9:47 am

        4G is the card size. The S-HC is probably SDHC. As a matter of fact, when I search on PNY Premium 4G SDHC a card comes right up. So that’s almost certain it.
        SDHC are probably the most common types of cards. And new SD card reader should be able to read them.

    6/21/13 @ 2:37 pm


    I purchased a Tragus USB 2.0 reader, set it up, but the “untitled” desk icon did not show up.

    Any suggestions?


      6/21/13 @ 2:58 pm

      Look in the Finder window to see if it is there in the left sidebar. It only shows up in on the Desktop if you have the Finder set to show it there.
      If not, then the card may be unreadable. If you have important photos there, then you will want to go next to an expert who can take a first-hand look. Otherwise, use the camera to re-initialize the card and start over.

      6/21/13 @ 9:19 pm


      I did not find the driver.
      They are not available from the company.

      Would Apple have them to download?


        6/22/13 @ 7:03 am

        You shouldn’t need a driver for this at all. USB is standard, and an SDHC card is also very standard. I’d take it to the Genius Bar and have them take a first-hand look at the situation.

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