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How Can I Use 32 Bit Scan Snap Scanners In Mojave?

I have a couple of Fujitsu scan snap scanners that work wonderfully well, but Fujitsu is not updating the drivers to 64 bit. I noticed in your video re: 32-bit v 64-bit you showed that you use these scanners as well. Must I upgrade to new equipment if I want to go to Mojave?

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    2 years ago

    If you have a recent model of ScanSnap, then you should be able to download the latest software from the Fujitsu site and it should be compatible with Mojave and then Catalina. But if you have an older model, like I do, then you may be getting a warning about the software being 32-bit. If so, note that this is just a warning and the software will still work in Mojave. But it will not in Catalina. I am able to use the old ScanSnap software in Mojave just fine, despite it saying “High Sierra” on the website.

    As for Catalina, then we are both out of luck. Be sure to tell Fujitsu that you’d like them to come out with some support for it. As for myself, I’m already switching to using my iPhone and Continuity Camera to replace my Fujitsu scanner. This works fantastically for one- or two-page scans. But it will not be as nice for 30-page documents. Fortunately, I don’t get those very often.

    2 years ago

    Last week Fujitsu linked me to new software (and firmware) for my ScanSnap in response to my query about working with 64-bit. The new software is working well with Mojave, but that, of course, is all I know.

    2 years ago

    Ron: Care to share the link? Which model ScanSnap was it for?

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