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How Can I Use an Older iPhone for Just Playing Music or Storing Photos?

I recently updated my iPhone 5 to the iPhone SE. I transferred my sim card to the new phone and ‘restored’ my old phone to clear out everything. But now when I try to use my old phone for music or photo storage, it keeps asking me to insert a sim card, and won’t allow me to go beyond that screen.
Jack Weibel

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    4 years ago

    Some things to try:
    Can you get into Settings? If so, turn off cellular and see if it stops asking you. Maybe try restarting or connecting via a cable to your Mac to see if you can get past that screen somehow to turn off cellular or some other setting to get that screen to stop.
    You can get a dummy or use an old inactive SIM card. Usually, when you upgrade phones you get a new SIM card even if you aren’t switching plans. Not sure why you didn’t get one this time. Maybe because you did the upgrade yourself? I don’t know how you would even buy a new iPhone without it coming with a SIM card.
    Maybe try popping the current SIM card back into it just to get past that screen? That’s another idea.

    Chris Laarman
    4 years ago

    The actual problem may well be in the Restore. So the phone has forgotten any wifi passwords and the Apple-ID associated with it. So it wants to associate itself with an Apple-ID in the first place. Having no wifi access, it insists on a cellular connection.
    So I suggest that you re-provide it with the wifi password.

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