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How Can I View Albums, Artists & Genres In LIST Format In iTunes?

I prefer the old way of viewing albums, artists and genres in LIST format in iTunes. But, the latest iTunes seems to only show “Songs” in list format. Is there a way to do this?
Arthur Carter

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    7 years ago

    You view your music library in List format by clicking on Songs at the top. Sounds like you have already done that.
    But you can sort them any way you want. Just click on the column title. If you want to have the list by album, then click on Songs to view a list of songs, and then click on the top of the Albums column and now it is sorted by album.

      Arthur Carter
      7 years ago

      Thanks. I get it now. I literally didn’t see the tiny tab headers above each column in the Songs view.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    7 years ago

    Thanks Gary for sorting out the Artwork in iTunes.
    I would never have found that out in a million years,now i am satisfied Gary.

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