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How Can My Wife Avoid Having To Enter My Password for App Store Updates?

My wife and I share App Store purchases using a family account. We’re both using the latest versions of Mojave. I’m the designated owner of the family account. Most of the time it works well. However, sometimes when she is notified of an update to an app that we share, she is required to enter my Apple ID and password to make the update. Occasionally, I have to enter her ID and password. Kind of annoying.

Is there any way around this problem so that she can update apps with her ID and password rather than mine and vice-versa? Even if not, why does the App Store behave this way?

Stephen Ferris

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    5 years ago

    It is hard to say what the problem could be. Check your settings on the main device -- the one for the owner of the family plan. See if you have Purchase Sharing enabled and check each setting in there. Same of the other Apple ID device.

    Do you think maybe it could be because those apps were purchased prior to using Family Sharing? Still, it shouldn't ask. You may have to call Apple to straighten it out.

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