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How Can We “Learn Spelling” Of a Word On an iOS Device?

When we are using TextEdit (or similar app) on a Mac and when we write a word whose spelling is not recognized by the built-in dictionary, we often see a squiggly line under the word to warn us. If it is a spelling error then we can correct the spelling. But sometimes it is a word that we personally use and want to be recognized (let’s use frammis as a silly example). In that case, we can right-click on the word and select the menu item that says Learn Spelling, in which case we will not be warned about that word again if we use it.

By contrast, if you are entering text on an iOS device, there doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to Learn Spelling of that word. Is there some counterpart for Learn Spelling on iOS devices?

In this question, I am referring to the most recent versions as of Aug 24, 2016 of the operating systems on the Mac (10.11.6) and on iOS (9.3.4) :
Richard Fuhr

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    7 years ago

    Nope. No way I know of to add to the dictionary. You just have to ignore the red lines.

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