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How Can You Use the New HEIC Photo File In Blogs/photoshop, Instead Of JPG?

I have not bought one of the newer iPhone 11 Pro with the 3 cameras. I understand that it produces a HEIC file that works great on Facebook & Instagram but can’t use in a blog, on Photoshop or other platforms that use jpg. Is there an easier way? As an Artist, I would love to upgrade to that phone but not at the expense of how I use jpg files.
Carolyn Molder

Comments: One Response to “How Can You Use the New HEIC Photo File In Blogs/photoshop, Instead Of JPG?”

    2 years ago

    Do you mean to use it directly from your iPhone? On a Mac, you can easily export (drag and drop) the photo out of the Photos app and it is converted to a JPEG image that you can use just like before. Uploading with apps on your iPhone works too as the Photos app takes care of that during the sharing function.

    On the Mac, Photoshop certainly understands the HEIC format. As you can imagine, it is the top-level pro image editing app, so it has no problem with it. I guess if you have an old version of Photoshop, you’d just have to export from Photos first.

    If you were going to upload to a website that didn’t take HEIC, then likewise you would just drag-and-drop out of Photos to get a JPEG and then upload. Even if you weren’t in the Photos app, you could always use Preview or other apps to easily convert HEIC to JPEG before uploading.

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