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How Do Bookmarks Work In Preview?

Hey Gary,

Reading a PDF in Preview about Space/Time. Not super long, but read enough for now and want to place a bookmark to return to.

⌘ D places a bookmark(I guess)in the sidebar. Nothing visible on the document. Closed Preview, reopened it, clicked on the “bookmark”and the only thing I getting is a delete option, the bookmark does not return me to where I left off.

Not entirely sure what I should expect from a bookmark. So I am just creating “notes” next to the subtitle I wish to return to.

Does the PDF have to be formatted in a certain way before I can see a bookmark, or get a usable link?

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    2 years ago

    It places a bookmark on the page you are on. You can see a red tag at the upper right. Then choose View, Bookmarks to see a list of them. If you click it and you aren't already at that page, it will jump to the bookmarked page.

    The problem is that now once you scroll away from that page, it still considers you "there." So if you click the bookmark again, it doesn't seem to do anything. Try creating a second bookmark on another page. Maybe the start of the document. Then you can click those two bookmarks to go between each one.

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