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How Do I Access the File Folders I’ve Created In Apple Mail On My iPhone?

Over the years, I have created many file folders on my mac within Apple Mail’s program. This is where I save emails that contain receipts, tickets, business emails, etc. Is there any way (or a 3rd party app that would allow) to access these files on my iphone? Apple has done little over the years to upgrade their Mail program – it seems this feature should be a no-brainer.

Using a Macbook Pro, OS 10.14.6
Using iPhone Xs

Please help!
FC Nowell (spadog)

Comments: One Response to “How Do I Access the File Folders I’ve Created In Apple Mail On My iPhone?”

    4 years ago

    It really depends on how you have things set up on the server, more than the email client. If you are using old-fashioned POP email, then those folders are just on your Mac and the contents are as well. You can't see them on your iPhone.

    If those are proper IMAP folders on the server (IMAP, Gmail, iCloud) then you should be able to see them on all of your devices. It should happen automatically.

    But even if you are using IMAP/Gmail/iCloud you can still create local "On My Mac" folders that just take the messages off the server and store them on your Mac. In that case they can't be seen anywhere else.

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