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How Do I Add a 20% Formula in Numbers?

How do I add 20% to column A in Column B ie adding 20% tax to different product price

I don’t want to have to manually work out 20% of each product ie I have a cost price of $20 (column A)need to add 20% tax = £4 (column b) add 20% shipping £4 column c
Mrs Kim Stow

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    2 years ago

    Percentages are just multiplication. 20% would be 0.2 times the value. So if A2 is $20 then the formula A2*0.2 would give you 20% of $20 or $4.

    If you wanted to calculate the price with the 20% added, you could just multiple by 1.2. So $20 times 1.2 would give you $24.

    But it sounds like you want to calculate the tax in one column, and then the shipping in another column. Then add the original price and those two extra amounts for the total price in the next column.

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