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How Do I Add a Line Break (new Line) Inside the CONCATENATE Function In Numbers?

Hi. I’m trying to create YouTube video descriptions by using the CONCATENATE function in Numbers on my Macbook Pro. I have one sheet where different parameters are entered, and a second sheet that will build the video descriptions by concatenating those values. I can’t figure out how to add a line break inside of the CONCATENATE function. I searched Google, but I could only find the solution for Excel, which would use CHAR(10) for a line break. Is there any way to do this in Numbers? Thanks!!!

I’m trying to do this because I need to create 16 YouTube video descriptions at a time, and wanted to use Numbers to automate the task. By inputting the needed parameters once in the first sheet (kind of like filling out a form), I wanted to have all 16 of the video descriptions created automatically in the second sheet.
Ray Makara

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    3 years ago

    Try using 8232 instead. I prefer just to use & to concatenate strings, rather than the awkward CONCATENATE function. So if you wanted to join together cells B2 and C2 with a line break in between them, you could use:

    =B2 & CHAR(8232) & C2

    Ray Makara
    3 years ago

    Thanks so much Gary! That's the CHAR code I needed, and it works perfectly! And you're right...using "&" instead of the CONCATENATE function is a lot cleaner.

    Also, is there a place online to find those CHAR codes?

    3 years ago

    Ray: Search for "unicode table" and you'll come up with tons of sites that list codes.

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