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How Do I Add a Movie To an iPad?

I have a custom made movie that my co-worker has asked that I put onto her iPad. Can I use my iTunes software to add a movie to her iPad or will I overwrite her existing movies?
Frank Erazo

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    7 years ago

    The typical way to put a movie on your iPad is to use iTunes on your Mac or PC.
    First, get the video file on to your Mac or PC. Then run iTunes and drag and drop it into your iTunes library. Test it there.
    Once you have it working in your iTunes library, then sync your iPad with your computer. In the sync settings for your iPad go to the Movies section. Choose which movies you wish to sync, and be sure to include that one. Then sync again to transfer it.
    Now if your co-worker wants this movie on her iPad, you’ll need to get it to her computer and have her sync it with her iTunes library.
    There are other options. like using the DropBox app or any app that lets you both share files over the Internet and play a video.

    7 years ago

    Thank you for the quick response.

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