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How Do I Add an Album To a Folder In Photos App In iOS 12?

I already have albums in my Photos App on my iPad. I just discovered how to make a Folder in the Photos App on iPad. Can I bring in an Album I’ve already recreated into this Folder? TY
Lauri Kunzman

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    2 years ago

    I don’t believe you can. That particular function is missing from Photos on iOS. If the album has already been created, you cannot move it into a folder.

    So your options are to either do it on a Mac, or to create a new album inside that folder, use the same name, and then copy the photos from the other albums into that one.

    This is actually pretty easy to do, but it takes a lot for steps. Go into the folder. Top Edit. Then tap + and New Album. Enter the name the tap Save. Then you go to a “Add photos” screen. Tap Albums at the bottom. Find the old album and tap it. Then tap Select All. Tap Done. Tap Done again. Then you can go and delete the old album if you wish.

    Lauri Kunzman
    2 years ago

    TYSM. Cumbersome but doable. Ok..

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