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How Do I Add Followups To Apple Mail Emails?

If i send an apple email to someone asking a question, how do I get a reminder to follow the email up if I have not heard back?

There seem to be all sorts of addons, ideas etc but I am looking for some guidance on clever ways to use existing apple functionality that i may not know exists ( e.g. links available into iCal) or mail add ons etc.

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    3 years ago

    The way I would do it is to simply use the Reminders app. I don’t think you want some sort of automatic process, because not all emails would warrant a follow-up.
    With Reminders, it is pretty easy to switch to the app and type “remind me to follow up with Gary on Wednesday at 9.” It is even easier with Siri. You could just click the Siri button and then say “Remind me to follow up with Gary on Wednesday at 9.” Then you get a notification at that time.
    Another idea would be to use the flags in Apple Mail. Think of one of the colors as your follow-up indicator. Say, blue. Then respond to an email and before you archive the original message, flag it as Blue. Then maybe once a day view the blue-flagged email and respond to the ones from the day before. Unflag them at the time you respond.
    The flag idea has the advantage that you can easily generate a new email right there, whereas the Reminders idea has the advantage that you can also use it for reminders about non-email follow-ups, like if you talked to someone face-to-face or via SMS or Facebook. With iCloud linking your Reminders, you can easily add one while on-the-go.
    I’d be interested in hearing what other people do for this. I suppose you might be able to create an Automator task that takes the current email and generates a new Reminder from it.

    3 years ago

    I put all follow-ups in a @followup folder in my AppleMail, then add the date of follow-up in the subject & check it daily. Because the date is in the subject (which I erase before sending) I only have to look at the subject to know when to respond.

    3 years ago

    I know Wendy specifically said she was not looking for a add-on to Apple Mail, but I have recently been experimenting with MailButler which, amongst a range of nice features, includes follow-ups and links to Reminders (or other To Do apps). The free version is restricted to 30 such actions per month, and so the relevance of the free version will depend on how may follow-ups / reminders are needed. My overall my experience with MailButler has been very good so far.

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