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How Do I Add Keynote Audio Across Slides?

Keynote presentation, 5 slides. The first slide, is a Title slide, and the background is a video with its own audio track.
Then it transitions to slide number 2. I dropped an audio track in the inspector, in the right sidebar for the remaining slides.
The dropped audio however plays under the slide 1 video soundtrack as well.
Is there a way, using just Keynote, that I can dedicate an audio clip to one particular slide?
In other words, can I have 5 slides and 5 different audio tracks?
I was able to drop the presentation into iMovie and fix it there, but I was wondering if I can do this just using Keynote?

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    3 years ago

    When you add audio to the sidebar under Audio, it is for the entire presentation. So it will play with slide 1 as well as the other slides.
    Instead, add the audio you want to slide 2. Then select it and go to Format, Audio. There is a checkbox for Play Audio Across Slides. Check that. Now copy and paste that same audio element on slides 3 through 5. Now the audio will start on slide 2, but continue as you move to the other slides.
    However, if you want to have different audio on each slide, then put a different audio element on each slide. Not sure which you want here since you mention two different scenarios.

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