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How Do I Add Month Columns In Summary Sheet?

Hello I am watching and building the “Building a Basic Business Spreadsheet In Mac Numbers” YouTube video.
I am so grateful for this! I have a question on the summary sheet which is how do I set up
12 columns to show each month in addition to the total all on the same sheet?
I have set things up just like in the video and now I want to see each month as well.
Can someone give advice on the formula?
Thank you all so much. This is by far the best channel I have ever come across.

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    2 years ago

    You'd do the same basic thing I show with the year, but with both the year and the month. It is definitely more complex though.

    The hidden column B in the Expenses table is just the year YEAR(A2). You'll need to add another column, C, and make it the year and month. So YEAR(A2)&","&MONTH(A2). So you'd get values like 2020,1 in that column.

    Then you'd need new columns in the Expenses table in the Summary sheet. So column C would have 1 in the header cell (first month) and then the formula there would combine the year from the Year table and the month from this header cell. The formula would be like this:


    So while B2 would be looking to match the year, C2 would be looking to match the year,month.

    2 years ago

    Thank you for the quick reply. I will work on it.

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