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How Do I Add My Mother’s Separate iCloud Email Into My Own Mac Mail?

My mother has motor neurone disease and has her own iPad for video communication. I am her daughter living at some distance (with my own iCloud, mac email and Mac Book Pro set up) and manage all her affairs remotely. I would like to monitor her very occasional emails without going into iCloud – and to have her email come into my own Mac Mail. Is this possible without creating havoc?

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    3 years ago

    You have a few options. One is to use like you suggested. But what I would do is to create a new user account on your Mac. Set that up with her Apple ID. Then you can use Fast User Switching to switch from your Mac account to the other one. In that account you'd be set up just like if you were another computer that she owned. You'd see her email in the Mail app, her bookmarks, her Contacts, Reminders, Calendar, etc.


    3 years ago

    We are very rural, so don't have internet at home - I monitor my wife's occasional e-mails to her iCloud account by getting them automatically forwarded to my e-mails - I logged onto her iCloud on safari (choose different account) - mail, clicked on the gear wheel bottom left, select preferences, general tab, Forwarding - checked the box 'forward to' & entered my apple e-mail address. Seems to work ok... Then I don't have to hassle logging onto her account all the time...

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