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How Do I Add My Own Music File To an Existing Apple Music Playlist?

I would like to add my own music file that is on my computer and add it to an existing playlist on my iPhone that was created in Apple Music.

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    3 years ago

    Are you also using iTunes on your Mac or PC? It worked for me when I added such a song to a playlist on my Mac in iTunes, and then it appeared in the same playlist on my iPhone.

    However, in addition to using Apple Music, I am also using iTunes Match and iCloud Music. One of these or both is probably what is enabling the sync between the devices over iCloud. Otherwise, with just Apple Music, there’s no way for the song to “get to” to iPhone.

    Do you have either iTunes Match or iCloud Music? At least see if it works with iCloud Music turned on. Look for the playlist on your Mac in iTunes, add the song to it, see if it appears on your iPhone after a minute.

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