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How Do I Add My Photo To the Group Photo Which I Took?

I want to add a person from one photo to another photo using Pages and Photos on my Mac.

I have a group photo of my friends which I took, but I want to be in the photo also.

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    2 years ago

    Neither Pages nor Photos is the right tool for something like that. Ideally you want to use a good graphics editor like Photoshop, Pixelmator Pro or Affinity Photo. These kinds of apps will let you select and copy a section of one photo, and then paste it into another.

    You can do it with Preview on a Mac, but it only has a very basic ability to select and copy, then paste, a part of an image. So the result won't be as good as using one of the above apps. See

    Note that it takes a lot more than software to do this. You also need some skill and patience. You have to be as precise as possible. And then issues like lighting and shadows can still make the result look "fake" without proper skill applied using sizing, color and pixel-editing tools in those apps.

    1 year ago

    Best most inexpensive program to add photo to group photo on mac

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