Forum Question: How Do I Add Teaching Video To a Presentation?

I am trying to add a video of me teaching to a keynote presentation. I would like to do this the same way Gary does on all of his teachings. He has the little video box inside the video of what he is teaching.
jeff Pennypacker

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    6/1/12 @ 12:52 pm

    The way I do it is to use WIrecast. But that’s probably overkill for what you are doing. Instead, use its sibling, Screenflow. You can record your screen and yourself at the same time. Then you can edit to make it even better.

      Jeff Pennypacker
      6/1/12 @ 2:38 pm

      Ahh, thank you! I checked it out, screen casting is new to me. I am not sure how much I will be using it, is there a free screencasting tool you would recommend to get my feet wet?

        6/1/12 @ 2:50 pm

        I think there is a free trial. I can’t think of a free one that will record both you and the screen at the same time.

          Jeff Pennypacker
          6/1/12 @ 9:28 pm

          Thank you for your help! This was the first time I had found you on the web and I will be back, plus I will spread the word!

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    6/2/12 @ 3:03 pm

    That was a very interesting video how you do it. You should be working for Dreamworks. I have got to hand it to you your a man with many talents. I would not evan attempt what you did,but has i said it was interesting how you did it.Gary

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