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How Do I Allow 3rd Party App Installation?

I am trying to install a 3rd party app, but when I try to run it, I always get the message: The developer cannot be checked. When I search for a solution, I find the info about entering to the Security and Privacy panel, general tab, and to change the settings to allow software from anywhere.
BUT I do not have it!
I have only From Apple store, and Apple store + identified developers.
I am admin on the machine, and I can correctly identify myself, when entering the Security and Privacy panel.
Thank’s for any help here. Catalina.
Szabolcs Kovats

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    2 years ago

    It sounds like you are reading old information that applies to an earlier version of macOS. Things have changed, a few versions of macOS ago.

    First, ask yourself if you really trust this app. I have to mention that, of course. Not only the app, but the source where you downloaded it from. The app could be trustworthy, but the site you downloaded it from could be giving you a fake or compromised app. Please watch if you haven't already.

    Then, to install this app, Control+click on it. Select Open. Then in the dialog that comes up, Open again. See

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