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How Do I Allow Some Text Message Alerts Even With Do Not Disturb Enabled?

I work in the IT field and get automated messages (both email and text) from different systems around-the-clock. Most are just informational but some are system down alerts which require immediate attention. I don’t want my iPhone chirping all night long but I want to be awakened for anything that is important.

Is there some setting or perhaps a third-party application that would allow messages with a certain subject line or from a certain sender to bypass DND?
Doug Larsen

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    4 years ago

    You can set Do Not DIsturb to allow calls and text messages from specific numbers right in the Settings app. Just go to Settings, Do Not Disturb. Then look for Allow Calls From. Here you can either select Favorites and then add set those contacts to favorite right in the Contacts app on your iPhone.
    Or, you can select a group. But you can’t create or alter groups on your iPhone. You’d need to do that on a Mac using the same iCloud account or on a PC by going to and using that same iCloud account to sync it to your iPhone.
    Note there is also the option to allow Repeated Calls which would be useful to let someone reach you in an emergency even if they aren’t an exception. Just let them know to ring you twice.
    Unfortunately there is no way to do it by subject, and no third-party app would help here because it would not be allowed to affect native functionality like text messages and call ringing.

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