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How Do I Always Open a Safari Page In Full Screen?

Is it possible to always open safari in full screen?

I want to see all apps upon opening. it’s really just a convenience to not have to hit the green button every time.
Bob G

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    2 years ago

    There are two things you can do. First, simply don't close your Safari window. That's how I work. I always have one Safari window in Full Screen and never close it or quit Safari. I have one or more tabs open in that window. There's no reason for me to ever close it. Just never use Command+w, File, Close Window or click the red button.

    Second, if you do want to close it, quit Safari instead. As long as you have System Preferences, General, Close windows when quitting app NOT checked, you can quit Safari with File, Quit or Command+Q. Then when you launch Safari again it will reopen the window and if it was Full Screen before it will be Full Screen again.

    The trick here is to remember that Full Screen is something that applies to windows, not apps. So as long as you don't close the window with File, Close Window, Command+w or by clicking the red button then the window won't be closed, even if the app is quit and restarted. And you won't lose this Full Screen window.

    Bob G
    2 years ago

    Thank You Sir ! Command+Q is PERFECT. See ya soon. Bob

    Charles Hebert
    2 years ago

    when opening a certain website going to a particular page only half shows

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