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How Do I Apply Highlighter On iCloud Mail?

I am using most of the time iCloud mail and not able to apply highlighter on text, is there any way I can apply? using system “Catalina”

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    2 years ago

    iCloud Mail is an email service. Do you mean just the Mail app on your Mac? So while composing an email you want to highlight some text?

    There is no way to add a background color behind text in Mail. Keep in mind that even if there were, the person on the other side of things may or may not be able to see it. Any formatting you do in an email message needs to be supported by whatever email app the receiver is using. There are lots of email apps for Mac and Windows, and then mobile apps as well. That is why it is best to see any formatting at all to a minimum.

    What is your goal here? Are you just trying to place some emphasis on some text? Or do you really need that type of formatting for some reason? If so, then creating a PDF document and sending that as an attachment in an email message is the only way to guarantee that the recipient will see it as you intend.

    2 years ago

    Thanks for prompt reply and sorry if I couldn’t explain in proper way, anyways just want make highlight some text while typing email to do emphasis text. I am talking about ”” -> “Email”

    2 years ago

    Tufail: In the web app Mail, you can set the text color, font and style to show emphasis.

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