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How Do I Archive PDFs, Scans, & Photos To DVDs?

I need to archive a variety of items: scanned pages, PDFs, photos, and if possible, a database. They will be recorded on dvd’s for family members. What would be the best way to do this? Are there any apps to try, or avoid?
We’ll be using Macs and iPads, but PC comparability would be nice, if reasonably possible.
Thanks very much for your help!
Henry Fitz

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    6 years ago

    I haven't created a DVD in a long time. Do you mean a data DVD, or a video DVD? The first contains files that you read on a computer. The second is for DVD players connected to a TV. They are very different things. I'm thinking you mean a data DVD because you wouldn't normally store files like those as a video that you watch on a TV.

    I wouldn't use DVDs for this. Today many computers, and all Macs, don't come with optical drives anymore. Soon, none will. So since you mention the term "archive" then DVD is not a good archive medium.

    Digital files are digital files. I would just store them somewhere online and let your family members grab them. They all have Internet connections, right? Use a service like DropBox or to share these files with the people you want. Put them all up there and set up a password or whatever the service offers.

    If you really want to hand them a piece of physical media, I would use USB thumb drives. For instance, a quick search on Amazon turned up 10 16GB drives for $40. 16GB is 4 times what can be stored on a DVD. Format them as FAT so Mac and PC users can access the files.

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