Forum Question: How Do I Archive FCPX Projects & Events Files ?

Hi, First, thank you guys to upload so many useful tutorials. They are pure gems! i am using FCPX version 10.0, and it requires a LOT of hard drive space for a few minutes HD video. So much that i started to doubt am i making some mistakes. i’m wondering is it possible to move the FCPX project & event files in my Mac to an external hard drive and work my FCPX project direct from the external hard drive ? And if it is possible, then how to ? Please help. Thousand thanks in advance.

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    11/11/12 @ 2:05 pm

    Sounds like you aren’t really looking for archiving, but for simply working with files while they are on another drive.
    You have lots of options for this. For instance, when you import files look closely ay your options. You have a choice to leave the files where they are instead of brining them into your FCP events folder. So start with the raw files on your external drive, and then use this option to leave them on the external drive when importing.
    Or, you could simply select the drive you want to use for the event when you create the event. When you import if you look closely you are also given the choice to choose the drive where the event should be located. So just select the external one you want to use.
    Now note that this will not help you in the speed department. It is much slower for your computer to access files over the narrow USB2 connection than it is to access them when stored on the internal drive. So you will see a speed hit when doing this. The best way, therefore, to edit video is to use a Mac with a large internal drive and do all of your editing and accessing on that drive.
    If archiving is really what you are asking about (as your title suggests) then you can use the File, Move Project command to do this once you are done editing and exporting your project. So you can do your work on your internal drive, then move it to an external drive when done to archive it for possible later use.

      11/14/12 @ 1:45 am

      Thanks a lot. Your answer is just what i needed. You are an angel in this digital world.

      11/21/12 @ 3:58 am

      Have tried to relocate (archive the FCPX Project), but when i pull up the move project window, the location said ‘ No Value’ and my external drive is not shown to be selected. Please please Advise.

        11/21/12 @ 8:08 am

        Not sure. Maybe something is wrong with that drive? Have you tried another one?

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