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How Do I Arrange Tabs In Tab Overview?

In Safari I know I can arrange various tabs on top to be in any order I like by left clicking and dragging. Is there a way to do this while in the Tab Overview screen?

Thank you!
Jim Saake

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    6 years ago

    No, there does not appear to be a way. Just order them by dragging the tabs, and then the Tab Overview will reflect the change.

    Often it is helpful for me to know WHY you want to do something, not just what you want to do. This can help lead to a solution. For instance, if the idea is to see live thumbnails of sites you often visit, and arrange those in a certain order, then there is a feature called Top Sites that does exactly that. Use Bookmarks, Show Top Sites or set up Safari preferences so new tabs or windows open to that view. Top Sites looks a lot like Tab Overview, but you can arrange the sites like you want and pin ones you always want to appear in Top Sites.

    6 years ago

    Thank you Gary... I tried Top Sites and did not like it so I deleted it. I keep a lot of Safari tabs open but navigate using Tab Overview. It would be convenient to be able to move the icons around for grouping like arranging tabs does. Itā€™s easier to see the tab content in Tab Overview then the tabs across the top which get compressed the more you add. What is the most tabs recommended to be open? Your videos are terrific... thank you.

    6 years ago

    Jim: There's no one answer when it comes to the number of tabs to be open. That's your own preference. I don't usually have more than 3 or 4. It is too easy to just close and then revisit a page later. But I have seen people with tons open.

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