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How Do I Assign Custom Alerts On MacOS High Sierra?

When I try to put my own alert audio files into the System>Library>Sounds>, it won’t allow me to paste any audio files into that folder, like in previous OS’s. How do I get my custom alert sounds on MacOS High Sierra?

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    9 months ago

    That’s because you don’t want to put them in the System folder. You want to put them in your user library folder.

    So in the Finder, choose the Go menu and hold the Option key down to reveal the Library. Choose that. This will take you to Users/YourUserName/Library. Then go down into Sounds. Place your audio files there.

    Once you have done that, quit and restart System Preferences if you already have it running. Then they should appear.

    8 months ago

    Thank you, that worked.

    8 months ago

    I’m curious what you are using those sounds for? I love the idea of putting some custom sounds in my computer and have done so for some things on my phone, but would love to know how you use it.

    Also, I’ll research a little more, but it’s strange and a little frustrating that this doesn’t work for messages. Worked for mail, but not sure if I need that as much. Thanks for the quick tip.

    6 months ago

    After creating an audio sound file. I want to assign this audio sound to play at a selected time for example every 20minutes so that take a break? Thank you for all your helpful video’s Gary

    6 months ago

    I’d search the Mac App Store for an app that does this. There are several, I believe.

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