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How Do I Automatically Delete Spam Mail for Which I Assigned a Rule In Mail?

In Mail I created a rule saying that spam/advertising mails and mails from blocked senders should be automatically removed/deleted from Trash as from the moment I receive the mail.(In my settings such mails already are diverted to Trash automatically)
This means that I should not even see these mails in Trash once they arrive. I expect them to disappear in cyberspace the moment I receive them.
The rule does not work. Spam mail etc are automatically moved to Thrash but I still need to empty the Trash-folder manually on a daily basis. I thought the rule would automate the process of emptying the Trash folder.
Dominique Cant

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    4 years ago

    Where are you creating this rule? In the Mail app on your Mac? At Somewhere else? What is the rule, exactly?

    In the Mail app on your Mac, there is no setting to have a message deleted from the trash. You can have it deleted, which means it moves to the trash. But the trash isn't emptied.

    You can go into Mail, Preferences, Accounts, choose an account, Mailbox Behaviors and then set trash to be deleted "after one day."

    Another option would be to go to your email provider and see what they offer. Most of the functionality of email is at the server level, not with your client app. I don't know which provider you use and what their options are, but some have filters or rules on the server level and you may be able to do something there like simply block a sender at that level.

    Of course if you are trying to reduce spam email this way, it is not a good idea to have emails deleted that fast. Even the best spam filters and rules will get false positives and it is nice to know you can check your junk mail folder if something important you are expecting hasn't arrived.

    Dominique Cant
    4 years ago

    Hi Gary, thanks for the feedback. As you said there's a possibility to go to my e-mail-provider and they have the possibility to offer that functionality but unfortunately there is a bug in that functionality and they are perfectly aware of that! But they refuse to do something about it; that's how things work in Belgium ☹️ As you suggested in your reply I will try to arrange it with Mailbox behaviors. Thanks again and keep on doing your great work 👍

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