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How Do I Automatically Numbers Sequentially In a Spreadsheet Column?

On a MacBook Pro v. Sierra 10.12.1 how can I number consecutively 1 thru 100? When I have to delete or add a row occasionally I have to enter all again.

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    8 years ago

    So it sounds like the regular autofill function won't work for you. That is where you would put, say, 1 in B2, 2 in B2, and then select B2:B3 and drag the yellow dot down to autofill 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and so on into B4 and below. That is handy and works well, but if you delete a row then it won't adjust everything -- it just literally deletes the row and leaves a gap in your consecutive numbering.
    So what I would do is to use formulas. I would but 1 in the first cell, say that is B2. Then in B3 I would put =B2+1 as the formula. That would give you 2 in that cell. Then I would copy that cell and paste it into B3:B101 to put 3 to 100 in the rest of the cells.
    Then when you delete a row the formulas will recalculate and always keep the numbers as 1 to 100 with no gaps. When you insert a row, I would copy and paste the formula from any cell in row B into the blank space. So if you insert B42, then copy B41 and paste into B42 and it all works again.

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