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How Do I Avoid Simultaneous Screenshots When Working With 2 Monitors ?

I permanently work on my MacPro with two monitors (a LG UltraFine Display set horizontally and a PHL 272S4L rotated vertically).
For my every day tasks, it is a better solution than the splitting options on only one monitor; (photos in landscape or portrait mode, more content and fewer wasted space etc…)
However when making a fullscreenshot [with cmd+shift+3], a screenshot of my secondary screen is also taken simultaneously.
Sometimes (often…) this is an inconvenience if I only need a screenshot of my main monitor.
I now use the following workaround : a folder on my desktop where both screenshots are saved; from time to time I send to trash the useless ones…
You probably know a more elegant solution.
Many thanks in advance.

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    3 years ago

    You’ve got various options, but I’m not sure how much better they are than just deleting the files you don’t want.
    First, you can simply use Command+Shift+4 and then drag a rectangle around the whole screen you want to capture. That could be the quickest way, depending on your situation.
    You can also use the Grab app that comes installed on your Mac. Use Spotlight (Command+space) to search for it and capture the screen using that app instead of the built-in screen capture shortcut. That seems to take only the current screen.
    There is also a screencapture Terminal command that can be configured to do this. Then you can use Automator or Script Editor to build a new service that runs the screencapture command with the options you want. Not sure if you want to go through all of that trouble.
    Then there are the various dozens of other screen capture apps. There are tons of them offering all sorts of different options and giving you simply keyboard shortcuts. If you do a lot of screen captures, then maybe look into one of those and see which one fits your needs. Many are listed in the App Store.

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