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How Do I Back Up ALL Files and Data Residing On My iOS Devices?

Although the automatic iCloud back up of my iOS devices backs up much of the devices’ data, apparently not everything is backed up. I have files such as ebooks purchased from various sources, pdf files, etc that I want to back up as well. How do I do this? My devices are running iOS 11.

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    3 years ago

    You can back up to your Mac or PC through the iTunes app. Just connect your iOS device to your computer, launch iTunes on the computer, select the device and hit Backup Now.

    You can see Apple’s step-by-step here:

    Backing up to iCloud and backing up to your computer via iTunes are the two options you have. I’m not sure if the second one is “everything” enough for you.

    You mentioned eBooks and PDFs. Where did you get these and how did you transfer them to your iOS device? For instance, are they in iCloud Drive? Or are they in iBooks? If they are in iCloud Drive, then they are also on Apple’s iCloud servers and so you have a backup there too. Same with iBooks as long as you have the Settings configured right. If you are using a Mac, you should see these files in iCloud Drive or in iBooks there too, in which case you have another copy there.

    Jerry Raphael
    2 years ago

    What backing up all the photos? I don’t think they are on iCloud

    2 years ago

    Jerry: If you want to use iCloud Photo Library, then turn that on. Otherwise, you can have two types of photos on your iPad: Photos taken with your iPad’s camera, and photos synced from your computer to your iPad. For the first type you should sync and download those to your computer and back them up there too. The second are already on your computer, of course, so they get backed up with your main computer backup.

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