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How Do I Back Up My iPhoto To an External HD?

I have now learned how to backup all my photos from my IPHOTO library to an external HD. I am new to my IMAC and need help.

Robert Lake

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    4 years ago

    First, you should be backing up your entire hard drive to a dedicated external drive using Time Machine. If you are not doing that yet, then take care of that first, as soon as possible. See
    If you wish to create a second backup of your photo library to another external drive, then it is relatively simple. The old iPhoto app works in the same way as the current Photos app. They both store the whole library in what appears to be a single file. You can put that anywhere on your drive, but most people have it in the default location: the Pictures folder in your home folder.
    So locate that, and then simply drag and drop it to the external drive. To update it, the simplest way is to just do that again, copying over the old library on the external drive.

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