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How do I backup from a NAS to an external USB drive?

I am trying to find either a 3rd party software or a way within mac os x (10.6.5) to backup data from my NAS drive to an external USB drive. Both the NAS drive and the USB drive are 4TB drives. It seems like everything out there cannot backup from a NAS drive, only to a NAS drive. Any suggestions?

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    9 years ago

    What type of NAS is it? Who makes it? Have you checked with them to see if they have a backup solution?
    Does your NAS have a way to connect another drive to it — and maybe back it up directly, rather than having all data pass back and forth on the network? Otherwise, it will be very painful to do that first 4TB backup.

      9 years ago

      Western Digital 4TB Sharespace with a Western Digital My Book Studio II hooked up via USB.

      There is an autobackup feature that is supposed to work. You hold down the “autobackup” button for 3 seconds, and it backs up everyhting from your NAS to the USB drive that is connected directly to the Sharespace. However, it doesn’t work if you have the Sharespace set up in a 4TB, RAID5 array (which is why I got it in the first place, as I had to send a previous single drive into data recovery after it crashed – $$$ Ouch!!). I have talked at great length to the level II tech support and engineering at Western Digital and this scenario is not supported, even though I was told it was, and even though it should work. So, in light of that, I am trying to find a 3rd party software that will backup from my NAS to a USB on a regular basis. Believe me, I’ve gone through every option with the manufacturer.

      I don’t care if it takes a long time to do the first backup.

      I just want to backup my data from that drive, as I have all my music, photos, home movies, etc., on that drive.

      Any suggestions?

        9 years ago

        I’d use either SuperDuper! or Carbon Copy Cloner. They both allow you to update only the files that have changed. I’m just worried that they will pull the files from your drive, across your network to your Mac, then back across the network to the backup drive. That will mean you are copying files at network speeds. 4TB could take days to copy. Incremental ones would be faster.
        Is there a way to connect the drives directly to your Mac (USB2?) for the initial backup?

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