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How Do I Backup My iPhone To My Mac?

Before iOS 11 and High Sierra I used to backup my iPhone to my Mac using iTunes (as well as a daily iCloud backup). With the changes to iTunes this doesn’t seem possible anymore. Can I rely on the iCloud backup on its own?
Brenda Brooks

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    3 years ago

    It is possible, and in fact it works exactly the same way as before. This hasn’t changed.

    You connect your iPhone to your Mac. Then launch iTunes. Then click on the iPhone icon at the top left (next to the Music/Movies/etc menu button). You’ll see your iPhone in the left sidebar and all the options below. Click on Summary. On the right now you’ll see the Backups section. Use the Back Up Now button to back the iPhone up to your computer. This is the same as before.

    Also the same is the way you view your backups. Go to iTunes, Preferences, Devices. There you will see a list of device backups.

    Brenda Brooks
    3 years ago

    Thanks Gary, I missed the icon top left.

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