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How Do I Backup Safari Passwords?

I would like to copy my Safari passwords (website, username and password) to a file (maybe Excel) as a backup. It’s on a brand-new MacBook Pro with Office 365.

(Thank you for the tip on backing up the Bookmarks. Excel is not critical, but it seems like a nice place to store three columns of data. When the old machine died, it couldn’t be rebooted and i lost all the password cookies. It won’t let me copy or export these passwords. I could display and hand copy to another file, but I’m using Safari suggested password which are complex. Thank you very much for your help)
Bill Lee

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    5 years ago

    This is difficult to do, and for good reason. If it were easy to do, it would make all of your passwords more vulnerable to theft. That's why there is no simple "backup password" command anywhere that just saves everything to a file.

    Are you using iCloud for your Keychain? I'll assume you are. In that case, all of your passwords are already saved (encrypted) to iCloud. So you have a backup.

    Getting anything beyond that is going to be difficult. If you were not using iCloud, you could duplicate your ~/Library/Keychains folder and you'd have an encrypted backup that wouldn't give you direct access to the passwords, but you should be able to open it with Keychain Access in an emergency.

    If you really want this sort of thing you may want to consider using a third-party password manager like 1Password. There is no reason that you can't use both 1Password and macOS's built-in Keychain. That's what I do. You'd have to wait until you logged on to all of your important sites first, and each time you did so the third-party password manager would ask if you wish to store the password there. Then eventually you'd have them in both places. And there are more export options in 1Password.

    So it really comes down to how much effort you want to put into this. If you just want to feel better that your passwords are still around if you computer fails, then iCloud provides that.

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