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How Do I Block Calendar Invitations?

I use the block caller/contact feature to stop telemarketing calls and spam texts. Now I’m getting spam calendar invitations. Is there a way to block those as well?

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    7 years ago

    Wow, that is disturbing that spammers are trying this tactic. Unless you are getting more than a dozen a day, I would just tap decline and move on. I doubt this will be a trend, and if it is, then I'll bet Apple comes up with a way to let you block them.
    If you want to try something else, you can go to, then to your Calendar, then the Preferences button at the bottom left. Then click Advanced. There is a setting under Invitations to make your calendar invites go to email instead of directly to Calendar. The problem is that this doesn't stop them, it just makes it regular email (I think -- hard to test) and you'd still have to real with them as they come in.

    Ian Gibson
    7 years ago

    I get these as well. They are difficult to remove as I don't like to decline them as this might let the sender know I've seen it. I move them to a new calendar, and then delete the calendar. It's a real pain.

    I'll try your tip, Gary. Thanks

    7 years ago

    Ian: I wouldn't hesitate to decline them. There is no more of a chance that they will "let the sender know Iā€™ve seen it" than if you accept them. Just decline and move on. I definitely would never accept them -- I could see the potential for danger there.

    7 years ago

    Create a new calendar, put the spam in that calendar, erase that calendar

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