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How Do I Block Emails From a Specific Address?

I can’t find a way to block email. I’m getting them daily and have asked to be removed from the list, but still get them.

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    8 years ago

    The best way is to look for that feature on the server of your email provider. You don't mention which email provider you are using. If you are using Apple's iCloud service, then I would go to and log in. Then go to Mail. Once there, click on the settings button at the lower left (looks like a gear) and add a rule. The rule would be "is from" and the email address. Then "move to folder" set to "trash."
    This will throw away the emails before they arrive on your Mac or iOS devices.
    You can also add rules on your Mac in the Mail app, but that means the message gets to your Mac and is then handled there. If you have iOS devices it could arrive on them and you'd have to deal with them again since you can't set rules on iOS devices.
    See for a tutorial.
    If you are using another email service, then the process would be different.

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