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How Do I Block Messages In Mail So I Won’t Have To Deal With Them?

I have a company that frequently sends me unwanted messages and I don’t want to deal with them any longer. I tried creating a Rule, but that wasn’t a success as I couldn’t totally block the mail – I could delete it but then I must deal with the unwanted trash. Surely there’s a way to block messages so they’re never seen? Thanks for your help!!
Linda Taylor

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    2 years ago

    First, did you check to see if the email had an “unsubscribe” link or similar at the top or very bottom of the messages? Any legitimate company would have those. Sometimes they are “manage” links, etc.

    Second, the best way to deal with email issues is always on the server. For instance, if you are using Google (Gmail) then I would log on to Gmail’s website, and then set up a filter to delete messages from that sender. You can have those get deleted immediately. Or, just have them go to the trash where they will be deleted after a period of time. No need to think about anything that goes in the trash — nothing to “deal with” there. Just ignore them.

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